One of the most important things you can do to prepare for a positive birth experience is to take a childbirth education class. However, not everyone’s schedule will allow for a more traditional 6 week course. Beloved Birth Doula services proudly offers private intensive childbirth education classes in the Central Kentucky area. The class is held in your home on your schedule.

Your private childbirth class is tailored to you. The class will cover the physiological and emotional aspects of childbirth, comfort measures , relaxation techniques, what to expect in your birthing environment, true informed consent and refusal, and what your options really are.

The Birthing Naturally private class can be completed in a one day 8 hour intensive session, or in two 4 hour sessions. Under ideal circumstances, childbirth education classes should be completed around the 33rd to 36th week of your pregnancy.

Investment- $225

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