Home Birth Midwife Recommended!

Prepare for your upcoming home birth by taking a class designed for home birth families. The Birthing Naturally at Home is a private childbirth class catered to your unique needs. This series offers more than the average childbirth class designed for hospital births.  You will learn all the information provided in a traditional class, as well as important knowledge pertaining to you and your homebirth.  Topics include: Comfort measures, relaxation techniques, nutrition, stages of labor, preparing your home, your birth kit, birth tub set up and so much more.  Included in the class are materials and information from your individual homebirth midwife.

The Birthing Naturally at Home childbirth class is designed to offer practical knowledge in a nurturing environment where parents feel at ease and comfortable and leave feeling prepared for their home birth and confident in the birthing process and themselves.

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Investment- $225

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