About Belly Casts

Having a belly cast made is a fun and artful way to preserve and remember your beautiful pregnant belly.  Children love to see “their” belly and know what it looked like when they were in Mama’s belly.  Belly casts can be painted to match a nursery, have the baby’s name and birth date, or decorated to match your own individual style.  A beautiful and unique way to celebrate and commemorate your pregnancy, the possibilities are endless.

The belly cast is made of plaster casting material and will form to the body part upon which it is applied.  There are several options for creating your own individual cast.  You can choose a ‘full’ cast of the belly and breast.  Include Dad with a full cast plus your partner’s hands or arms on your belly. Also, there is the simple Belly Bowl.  This is a simple cast of only the belly. I provide all of the needed materials and you simply provide your beautiful Belly.

Services and Pricing

Belly Bowl  $45

Full cast – Breast and Belly  $65

Gift certificates are also available, and make an unforgettable Baby Shower present!


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