My Story

Welcome!  My name is Amy Rickard. I am a trained birth doula, a certified Hypnobabies® birth doula, and I provide a range of childbirth and pregnancy services to help you celebrate the upcoming addition to your family and achieve your best birth.  My husband, Scott, and I live in Versailles, Kentucky with our two children, Wyatt and Lucy. I am a native Kentuckian and have lived in the Lexington area for over twenty years. I met my husband in college. Shortly after our wedding in 2005 we were elated to find out that we were expecting our first child. My journey into learning about birth happened quickly and unexpectedly. As I learned more about my birth options, I changed my plans for my birth and ended up having a truly positive and empowering birth experience.

Why I Became a Birth Doula

Through my own pregnancy and the birth of my first child, I found my passion for birth. After a positive birth experience, I discovered a new sense of strength and empowerment that I was able to carry into my parenting. After Wyatt’s birth my interest in childbirth and breastfeeding grew and I realized I wanted to support other families at their births. I attended a birth doula training and began attending births. I have attended over one hundred and forty births, both at home, and in the hospital. It has been an honor and a joy to help families find their own strength, power and voice during one of life’s most precious and important events. As I spent more time with families, my interests expanded beyond birth and I completed lactation specialist training and became a childbirth educator. As clients have requested, I have learned Henna art, belly casting and placenta encapsulation in order to offer a wide range of services to the moms I serve.

Completed Trainings:

  • CAPPA Birth Doula (2008)
  • Certified Lactation Specialist (2009)
  • Certified Hypnobabies® Hypno Doula  (2013)
  • Certified HypnoBirthing® Practitioner (2015)
  • Gena Kirby Novice Rebozo Certification (2015)


  • Spinning Babies Workshop with Gail Tully ( 2014)
  • Advanced Comfort Measures with Debra Pascali-Bonaro (2014)
  • Midwifery Today Conference (2014)
  • 100% Doula Business Training (2015)
  • Flock Yeah Doula Conference Nashville (2015)
  • Flock Yeah Doula Conference New Jersey (2016)
  • Flock Yeah Doula Conference Nashville (2017)
  • Flock Yeah Doula Conference Tulsa (2017)

Currently Pursuing:

  • MotherWit Doula Certification
  • Rebozo Instructor Training with Gena Kirby


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